Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Making a Book Trailer

Microsoft Movie Maker has gotten so much easier to use!!! I just created another book trailer, and this time it only took me two hours instead of two days!!!

I will be loading the trailer up here, on Facebook and at goodreads as well as amazon, when I get ready to put it on presale.

I'm so excited. I can't wait! But I want to do this right - I'm making sure I have everything in place before I launch the presale.

Here's a prototype of my cover:


  1. I Am Buying This As Soon As It Comes Out! :)
    -Meagan Rodriguez <3

  2. Thanks for visiting the blogsite, Meagan! I will keep you all posted as soon as it's available. I'm waiting for approval from Amazon's publishing company, Create Space. They just got everything today!!!
    - Kathie Harsch


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