Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Snagging an Agent

Book I'm currently reading: Sweep: Book of Shadows Book 1by Cate Tiernan***

Just read: The Body Finder by Kimberly Derting *****

Okay, so I think I've got a good hook for my query, and even for my first page. I've revised nine times, had three different beta readers over the last two years. So, I decided to sign up for Query Tracker, which is a snazzy little program by the way, and it's FREE, and I sent off to three agents. (My goal is one agent a day until my list is exhausted, but so far I'm a little slower than that.)

I already heard back from one. Apparently my first five pages didn't reel her in to want more. So, I revised and started with my second chapter instead. I've always liked that chapter, but one of my beta readers thought I should start with a different chapter, and at the time, it made sense. After reading my first chapter again, I decided it doesn't make sense to start like that anymore.

Now, I'm thinking I need another full on revision before I try to send it off to another agent. A couple of things need to be added or rearranged, and maybe even readded from a previous revision. AHHH!!!

Writers aren't kidding when we say revision is the hardest work. It is. The whole problem with the industry though is that agents are inundated with so many queries and sample chapters that they can't really give any feedback as to why something didn't grab their attention. Right now, the market is tough. Even at the bookstores in the Teen section, I noticed few new writers and mostly the same dark vampire books that have been on the shelves for years. Yet, when I talk to my students they are TIRED of vampires and werewolves. They want something different. Dystopia is hot right now, but unfortunately, my book is not  set in a dystopia.

I've been told over and over again by friends, by other authors' websites, by agent websites: DON'T GIVE UP - keep writing and keep sending it out. So, there you have it. I have to keep baiting my hook and casting that reel until I get lucky enough to snag an agent.

Friday, June 10, 2011

My Summer Goals

Book I'm currently reading: The Passage by Justin Cronin

In order to be a successful writer, you have to set goals for yourself. The only way I was able to write three books in three years was through creating goals for myself and then meeting them over time. It takes consistency and clear vision.

Here are my writing goals this summer that I have to post. This will make me more likely to meet them.

1st: Rewrite my synopsis and update my query letter to find an agent who will represent me for Dreaming Dangerously, Book 1 of the Children of the Psi series.

2nd: Continue working on book two Darkness Descends revision.

3rd: Plot third book in series What Dreams Will Come, so I can start writing pieces of it once I'm finished with book 2.

The great thing is that I already have a marketing plan in several different increments, so that I can also discuss this with an agent/editor.

Finally, Will and Cassie might be out in book form - may the Children of the Psi prevail!!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

We all Make Mistakes

This blog is from a language arts assignment written by my daughter, Erin in her journal:

If we all make mistakes
Then how come people judge us for it?
If we all make mistakes
Then how come we treat them so cruelly?
How come we treat them like their terrible?
Why do people make them seem so stupid or rude?
Why do we pick on them?
Why do we ruin their souls?
Why do we treat them like their ignorant?
Why are they so much different from us?
Why do we give them death threats?
Why do we follow the others?
I bet you're wondering who I mean by "them."
I mean people...
People who have made a mistake...