Tuesday, July 17, 2012

My First Book Store Signing at Booksamillion!

I had a wonderful day with Jeremy and Josh and the rest of the staff at Booksamillion in Port Richey. I loved interacting with the public, and it was fun talking to potential readers, many of whom bought a book or two of mine. Lots of fun and I sold around 28 books in about two hours. (Even though I was there for three, one hour was very dead - between 1 and 2pm).

Here are some pictures of the signing from July 14th:

Five things I've learned from my first book store signing:

This is actually my third public signing of books. So, I've learned how to make my pitch and to smile and talk to people about more than just selling the book, to make a connection. Isn't that what writers want to do anyway? Make a connection to their audiences?

1. Get to the store earlier. I was early, but I should have been there an hour and a half earlier. First, to scope out the store, and maybe even tell a few people about my book. Second, to meet ALL of the staff and tell them about the book. Third, some people I knew showed early, and I missed them.

2. Meeting the staff - they need to know what's going on and what the book is about so they can sell it when I'm no longer there. If they know me, they are more likely to tell people about my books. I know several of the staff members said they were going to read them, but that might have just been a nice courtesy to say to me. I really, really hope they do!

3. Even elderly men and women will buy YA. I had several curious people ask me about my books, and even though they felt the books were not right for them, they bought them anyway for their grandchildren.

4. A smile and a kind word goes a long way. Even if no one is going to buy your books, you never know when they might talk to someone else about you or your books. I turned several conversations into sales, just by talking to people about how I indie published and giving them my blog address and email. I also had an enlightening conversation with a veteran of the Korean War after I thanked him for his service. (He kept me company between 1 and 2 pm when there was hardly anyone in the store.)

5. Sign books with K.S. Harsch, instead of Kathleen Suzette Harsch - it takes too much time. There are other Kathleen Harsch's in my husband's family, but I doubt they sign the same way I do.

For those people I met on Saturday, if you find this post - thank you for your readership and wonderful company!

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