Monday, November 7, 2011


Okay, I've updated my NaNoWrMo word count everywhere else, but here. I'm at 9,196 words. Although I should be at around 11,200 words, I am proud of myself because I haven't written much in three days. I picked up my laptop around 5pm tonight and wrote almost 4,000 words! So, now all I have to make up is 2,000 words. Another thing is that I'm almost one-fifth of the way through this first draft. I want to go back and revise so badly, but I know I should just keep plowing through. The ideas are coming a little easier now. It seems that I can now think up a goal for each scene, which is cool. I'm not writing in chapters right now, just scenes. I'll be writing Scene 11 tomorrow in the second part of the book!!! I can't believe I'm already at the beginning of the middle of the book! So exciting! By next Sunday, I should be half-way done at the midpoint!

I want to talk about what's going on with my characters so badly. I will say this - Will and Cassie are both narrating book 3 because they are not in the same locations - that is all I'm saying at this point.

Cassie is the narrator of Book 1 - Dreaming Dangerously
Will is the narrator of Book 2 - Darkness Descends
Both will be narrating Book 3 - When Dreams Will Come

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