Friday, November 4, 2011

Met my goal for tonight!

I know I'm not writing much here, but it is getting late. I did want to post that I'm up to 4,888 words for Book 3 and I've met my NaNoWrMo goal for the third night in a row! I still feel like I am groping around in the dark since I don't have a real outline of scenes this time. I didn't have time to plan it all out like I did on the first two books, however, it seems to be okay since I know what I want to do in each part and I know how I want the book to end. I just don't have scene or chapter goals. I'm just writing off the top of my head like I do when I write journal entries in my classroom when I'm writing with my 8th graders. I'm not worrying about word choices and art. I'm strictly getting that first layer of plot, dialogue and setting down and making sure my characters are staying in character. It's also more challenging with this book because I have more than one narrator this time.

Very happy this evening.

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