Sunday, December 26, 2010


I am SOOO excited! My husband bought a laptop for me for Christmas. It's my first laptop in nearly ten years! And this one is for my writing only. Nothing else, but my writing. I won't be doing lesson plans or anything schoolwise on this one, unless I find something really cool to do on here. That's what the school-issued laptop is for. Anyway, my new laptop is an HP. I'm still getting used to the keyboard action. It's different from my Apple because the keys are kind of slippery, and I keep typing incorrect letters. The keyboard is also set up differently, and so is the tracker mouse. I may have to go into settings and modify the mouse just a bit, if I can. This will sure beat having to edit on my iPhone this summer.

Yes, I edited one of my novels twice using my iPhone. I could only read three lines at a time. Excruciatingly slow process that I hope never to have to do again. I still need to upload iTunes and all of my music to this computer, too. I like to be inspired when I write.

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  1. How cool! Yes, write away! So, how is the new laptop working out for you?


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