Thursday, December 2, 2010

Figuring out how to use blogger

I am still learning how to use the features of this blog. I've had MySpace and Facebook accounts. Still do. But this is quite different. Especially since my comments and blogs on those were only seen by friends. It's a little unnerving having a blog that anyone in the world can see.

Each day I've been adding different things. Today I added a picture of my writing desk. The picture is a bit staged; I have to admit. My keyboard is usually not covered up, and my desk is usually a mound of papers, bills, other electronics like cameras iPods and such. Occassionally I might find a Star Wars Lego figure or some sticky substance that I can't identify because my children often use my writing space, too.

Soon, I plan to start adding other features as well. I'd like to add contests and maybe some video. After all I am trying to build a following here, right?


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  1. I literally JUST figured out how to comment this. :)


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