Tuesday, April 15, 2014

A Faster Way of Writing

Boy Writing
Do you want to write fast and furious? Or do you have bits and pieces of dialogue or important plot ideas on different slips of paper?

You don't always have to make your fingers fly across the computer keys. If you have an iPhone or maybe another smart phone with the free Google Docs app, you can use the microphone icon next to the space bar on your phone's touch keyboard to dictate your words into a Google Doc.

Even dialogue can be written into a Google doc this way! All you have to do is say "Begin Quote" and say whatever words you would like your character to say and then say "comma," "period," or "question mark" and "End Quote." (This will save with lots of editing time later.)

Tonight, I wrote 1000 words for my new book this way and didn't even suffer from finger cramps!
Another thing this method helped me with is writer's block. A couple of days ago I brainstormed scene ideas for the next point of view section of my latest book. This section has been alluding me for the last three days. Grrrr...

I decided to dictate my brainstorming ideas into Google Docs this evening, and an amazing thing happened! I added more ideas as they popped into my head, and I came up with the plot twist that would fuel the rest of my book!

Now, I can begin again tomorrow and have a clear direction for this section of When Dreams Will Come, the third book in my series.

I am so excited to share this idea with other writers! Happy writing!

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