Wednesday, March 5, 2014

New Cover Reveal Friday

I am so excited to be revealing the new covers for the Children of the Psi series! 

In order to have covers that reflect more of the theme and genre of the books, I decided to redesign them. I bought images from It took me hours to search for just the right images for Cassie and Will. Then, I learned how to use Pixlr Editor, which is a free program you can use on-line to edit images. I've learned how to layer images, add text, etc. 

Youtube has been my source for learning how to use Pixlr Editor. If you have some graphic art ability and cannot spend money on professional covers, this program is a wonderful resource. I can even control the number of pixels, which I couldn't do on Microsoft Publisher. I did finally end up using Microsoft Publisher for all the text because I know the program better. Then, to add any additional effects, I used Pixlr Express. Because I have many more books I want to upload this year, I wanted to keep my costs low, and the images are really not that expensive. 

By the way, I have to give props to Susan Kaye Quinn, whose book the Indie Author Survival Guide, has been an incredible resource. 

Thanks, Susan! 

 Here's a link to her book on

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