Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Darkness Descends Published in June!

I can't wait! I will be publishing Darkness Descends, the sequel to Dreaming Dangerously in June. My goal is June 1st.  I will be posting the cover soon, and holding a contest for GIVEAWAYS right here on my site! Also, in June there's a virtual book tour through a series of various blogs. More information on that soon, and I will be at Great Minds Think Aloud for another author interview!

 Here's the back cover blurb for  Darkness Descends:

tell will, I’m coming…

The voice is deep, ominous, male.
Her dream knocks me breathless. I’ve learned never to take Cassie’s dreams for granted. Too many of them have almost come true.

Will Rossi made two promises to the girl he loves:
to keep her secret
 and to keep her safe.
After meeting other teens with psychic abilities, Will is determined to discover their origins.
But in order to keep his promises, he must risk everything.

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