Friday, January 13, 2012

A Scene Per Day and Sexy Science

I'm doing really well with this goal of writing or revising ONE SCENE per day. Tonight was an especially difficult scene, because I had to include technical information. It had to seem organic, and my character's quest for answers had to sound like they were coming from a seventeen year old guy! I may have to revise that one again because it is a brand new scene that I've never written before. He had to do research about the Human Cognome Project, which is similar to the Human Genome Project, except that the former, HCP, is about mapping human-thought processes and where they are generated from in the brain. Really cool, but highly scientific. I've been reading a great deal about it lately as research for the Children of the Psi series.

By the way, Psi, has several meanings, and some wonderful connectivity between those meanings and how it relates to this series. For those of you who have studied the Greek alphabet, psi Ψψ, is the 23rd letter. Psi is commonly used in physics for representing a wavefunction in quantum mechanics (Wikipedia). Now, I happen to believe that psi abilities are possible because of quantum physics, as do many other people. The psi symbol is often used in psychology and especially parapsychology, in particular, the use of extrasensory perception or ESP, which would include mind-reading, clairvoyance, premonitions, telekinesis and other mind over matter kinds of phenomena. In biochemistry, psi represents a kind of RNA substance (which is genetics). It's even the name of a superhero (I just found this out) in the comic, Monochrome, Psi is a mentally disturbed character.

When I originally named the series, The Children of the Psi, I only knew two of the above items, that psi is a letter in the Greek alphabet and that psi was connected to ESP. That's it. But tonight's research kind of freaks me out because it almost seems like I knew all the other stuff BEFORE I knew all the other stuff. Yeah, like some kind of unconscious premonition, if that's possible. Okay, enough of the psi talk for tonight.

By the way, I think science is sexy. Anyone want a little fiction with their science?

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